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Do you want to start an indoor park but have no idea where to begin? Let's discuss the differences of the two options.
By going the franchise route, you're not alone on your journey to opening. Our dedicated and professional staff is here to assist you each step of the way, starting with your location. We will run a comprehensive market analysis in your chosen area or areas, and find the ideal match for the Luv two Play brand. Our commercial realtor will start locating possible buildings for your new company, and handle working with the local realtor on the mandatory steps.
You'll be assigned a project manager to function as Luv two Play liaison for the rest of the process. When the place is decided and the lease is signed, we'll help you find an architect for the project. We do have a partner architect who will bid the work as well. We highly recommend using this advantage as he and his team have worked on many Luv two Play locations, making for its most straightforward architectural stage. While the architect and their team of engineers is working on your job, our design team will start the process of designing your own custom indoor playground equipment park. You will have the ability to offer feedback in this process.
We'll also help find some general contractors to bid your job, including a few who have partnered with us and worked on many locations. Your project manager will work with your GC to guarantee a smooth construction period.
Also included with the purchase price of your own playground is a startup advertising bundle helping get you prepared for grand opening, theming and signage during your space, kid sized tables to your party rooms, business cards, marketing brochures, table tent cards, comment pads and comment box, discount cards, artwork for electronic menus, stickers, wallpaper mural for back party room walls, view through window graphics for outdoor front windows, initial staff clothing bundle, grand opening window bundle, gift cards, original order of socks for selling, 15 cases of wristbands, and much more.
Our group of coaches will come to your site to train your employees in preparation of your grand opening. In addition, we provide ongoing training and support, and are always testing new and entertaining ideas at our corporate stores. Our yearly franchisee convention is a fantastic advantage to Luv two Play proprietors as well.
You will get a franchise discount on your playground equipment. We've worked with vendors and set up accounts to provide you discounts on things like Coca Cola, outside sign, kitchen equipment, etc..
In the long run, our years of experience in the industry will help you succeed. If this sounds like the ideal fit for you, please see our website in
By moving the independent route, you'll be on your own during the process. You won't be required to pay a franchise fee or royalties, however. This is a good option for people who are adept in selecting locations, negotiating leases, as well as understand and possess vast expertise in the design and building market.
Whatever route you choose to take, we welcome you and are eager to be a part of your journey to owning your very own indoor playground business.

You, Me And Indoor Playground: The Truth

arcade gameThe principal customer collection of indoor amusement equipment are kids and arcade game teens. So safety is the top priority. The elevation limit: total elevation is acceptable for in the indoor gear. Noise limitations: the merchandise in an indoor have replicate circumstances, demand for noise control is also rather high, but you will find indoor amusement field is rare large-scale amusement equipment.
Naughty castle has no electricity, so there is no need to worry about the protection of the circuit. As for the security, it mainly relies on the soft sponge tubing along with the protective mesh. Generally, except for the entrance door, gloomy castle ought to design an escape door to prevent fire. Fire extinguishers and water sources should also be provided outside the castle.
Carousel class also should be customized for indoor entertainment equipment. Customized indoor carousel is the principal requirement of this height limitation. The main space savings compared to the outdoor transfer horses have been shown in the top of the trim and canopy. The burden of this carousel and the strength of the floor are also a consideration. The open merry-go-round fire component is a lot easier to address. Little rail trains and small rotating aircraft are also suitable for indoor use, but the problem of noise is well addressed through technical means.
The layout specifications of children's indoor entertainment equipment are primarily based on the said indoor specific conditions, and different regions have various differences.
Here are also several other points that have to mention.
Interesting space. Interesting space design can actively bring in children to come to perform, rather than allow the kids to perform boring pursuits. The enjoyable performance on the space awakens the emotion of kids pleasure. Only interesting play area can excite children's curiosity about active play, so as to cultivate children's cognitive capability and become children's interesting classroom.
Intimate touch with nature may have encouraging influence on the child's bodily and mental, psychological, guides them to be aware of the character of animals, plants, etc., through the exploration of cognitive and nature, allow them to experience life, feel energy, feel that the endless charm of nature, so as to motivate them to explore the planet and appreciate life enthusiasm, it's also a children's playground shoulder the most important mission.
Program of new materials and technologies. New materials typically refer to the application of new synthetic materials, such as natural plastics and artificial glass products to avoid the flaws of plastics and materials themselves. Old materials can be mined for new functions, such as broken magnetic discs, and cut bits can be utilized as paving materials. Waste is useful and meets the demands of current sustainable growth. Nations have put forward new staples for environmental protection.

Indoor Playground Equipment Fundamentals Explained

Properly inspecting and maintaining up on upkeep of your indoor playground toys playground will go a very long way to guarantee the safety of your guests.
The indoor playground ought to be scrutinized each morning prior to opening, in addition to throughout the day. All staff should be properly trained in what to search for while inspecting the play equipment.
Maintaining your playground to maintain optimal condition is critical to the safety and success of your play field. Normal maintenance is to be expected, and it is an extremely important part of owning and operating an indoor playground.
Normal maintenance includes replacement of certain parts from time to time such as post padding, netting, vinyl parts, and replacement of ball pit balls. Additionally, it includes making certain nuts, bolts, and other hardware is complete, tightened, and in good shape. Windows and domes should be free of any gaps; if cracked or broken, they should be replaced promptly.
Necessary maintenance ought to be identified during routine inspections. Some playground operators prefer using an outside company to do maintenance on the play structure.

Post Pads

The protective pads covering the articles should be inspected for signs of wear. Ensure no bits of padding are missing. Make certain there are no zip ties missing; replace as necessary. Also check to be sure there are no vulnerable ends or sharp edges on the twists.
Netting should be protected and undamaged. Inspect the netting for holes/tears is vital, especially on top levels of this playground. Little holes/tears will continue to grow, becoming a potential entrapment problem or even children falling through. Small holes/tears can be sewn back together. Larger holes/tears will require the netting to be replaced in the affected area.
Safety Floor
Inspect the safety floor to ensure it's not coming up in link points. Be sure to concentrate on tripping hazards. Replace as necessary.

Assess all webbing, mesh cloths, and vinyls are protected and free from tears. This includes, but not limited to, deck boards, web bridges, and internet platforms.

Plastic Elements

Make sure there are no cracks in plastic components, windows, and domes.
In Indoor Playgrounds Internationalwe put in with security in mind. Our installation technicians are trained to have good attention to detail, ensuring minimum maintenance will be required by the proprietor. We care for our customers and our team will help with maintenance of your playground nicely after the installation is complete.
All things above are insured by our industry leading warranty period. Indoor Playgrounds International also includes a full time Certified Playground Safety Inspector on employees who personally trains all of our installation technicians.

We look forward to working with you with this exciting new venture!

You Can Thank Us Later - 8 Reasons To Stop Thinking About Indoor Playground

indoor playground equipmentIf you reside in a place like we do in Western New York (we're in Rochester!) With superbly hot summers and cold snowy winters, you'll understand that your choices for your kid's birthday celebration are largely dependent on the weather.
As an August baby, we always had little family parties outside at my house. However, together with sons born in November and March, we are always left to reserve an indoor place for their parties, if we decided to have them that year. While those with children with summer birthdays may seem blessed to have so many choices at their disposal, it may also often feel overwhelming.
While at Climbing Vines Cafe and Play we might be biased because we sponsor indoor celebrations, I wished to discuss with you the 5 most common reasons we hear from previous celebration customers to book indoor summer evenings with us. To these, the stress-free nature of the indoor summer celebration is really a no-brainer, plus they're not looking back! Following their first indoor summer partythey continue hosting with us year after year.


The most common cause for a customer to book a summer indoor celebration with us is they do not have to stem the weather prediction for upgrades in the weeks leading up to the celebration. And if you've ever needed to cancel or postpone your child's birthday due to weather, you know how heartbreaking that can be.
We get dozens of calls every summer a couple of days before somebody's outdoor party is supposed to happen to find out if we have an open slot for them within our indoor party venue due to weather woes. We can normally pull this off if the place remains open, but hosts will sadly have to scramble and allow all of their guests know of the change in place and probably shift in time, and change all of their catering orders to accommodate their new party plan.
While of course rain is likely the biggest obstacle you might face, intense warmth, unseasonably cool weather, and end may also pose problems to your food, decorations, and your guests' belongings. You will probably end up investing in a tent or some other weather barrier just to ease your mind somewhat, which can be costly and require a great deal of precious time to prepare and take down. I will not even tell the narrative of the time my Dad set a tent up for a party in a windstorm and wound up with a insurance coverage for 4 damaged cars when it blew away (weights and anchors and all!) ...

Besides the obvious weather worries it's possible to avoid with a indoor celebration, there can also just be something really simple and lovely about a indoor summer celebration. Guests will not need to be worried about bringing sunscreen and towels and towels and swimsuits and changes of clothes and insect spray... you get the picture.
Sometimes it's wonderful to take a brief break in the outside, sip coffee in an air-conditioned cafe, and have a real conversation with other adults while the children play, rather than chasing children around trying to receive their hat on them keeping them away from your in-ground pool. I'm not sure about you, but I could never quite relax at an outdoor summer birthday party with a 2 and a 4 year-old. While they sure do have a good time running around, we usually leave at a daze or using a tantrum, unsure if we even had the time to talk or check in with everybody.
While I absolutely adore a good barbecue or summer grilling extravaganza, I find it refreshing when we can take a break from the same-old backyard bash and spend a few hours in a relaxing, cool, and most significantly -- included! -- air.
It's also freeing as a guest to have the rest of the day to do as we want as a family and not need to be concerned about getting the kids into a tub right after the party or quitting home to cool off and change clothing.
I promise that in the event you reserve an indoor party for your child, guests (particularly family) may seem a little confused at first (why not take advantage of the summer weather while we can, right?) But after hosting countless indoor parties I will tell you for certain that on the day-of, you and your visitors will realize how pleasant it can be to kick back in an air-conditioned private celebration for a few hours.


Speaking of how relaxing an indoor, air-conditioned celebration could be, can we discuss food for a moment? Not only are food choices limited with an outside party because of heat, but it can be hard to keep food covered and retain the bugs, bees, and other debris off.
So, for our family, the meals factor alone could be enough to justify an indoor playground business for sale party.
Eating in peace without having to find shade or a seat or a place away from pests is just one of these things that you do not realize can be so glorious until you attend your fourth or fifth outside summer gathering and THEN get a rest from them. Among the most common things we hear is how fine it is to just sit and eat and see the kiddos play with no any other venue-related cares or concerns. This will be particularly important when you are going to be needing elderly family members attend who will battle with being mobile in the grass or mud and finding seating at outdoor parties.

While party aesthetic might not be a determining factor for every family, it sure is significantly easier to create a themed extravaganza that lighting a child's face up when the party's inside. The decorations demanded tend to be less because the place is smaller and contained contained, and you won't need to worry about balloons and streamers blowing about or securing table covers .
Since we do host mobile events outdoors at Climbing Vines Cafe and Play, I can also speak from experience when I say the time it takes to set up (and take down!) Decorations for an outside celebration compared to a indoor party generally ends up being double. Finding good places to hang banners, requiring two people to maintain and protect everything, and locating weights or other restraints for everything may be a true hassle on celebration.
And you'll have enough to be concerned about that afternoon, right?
Furthermore, if your pinterest planks are filled with cute centerpieces, a candy bar, or anything which could possibly be impacted by wind (or attract bees!) You will likely have to restrategize to get an outdoor soiree.
And of course decoration typically can only be utilized once if used outdoors, but repurposed again and if used for an indoor event. Our guests that sponsor indoor occasions, notably those who invested significant money into decor or worked hard to make their very own, are very happy to find they could usually make a huge chunk of their cash back by reselling their supplies on something like Facebook Marketplace.
Speaking of money, probably the greatest misconception I hear from clients is they wish to sponsor a party in their home to save the leasing fee of an indoor space. I generally laugh at this because it makes perfect sense, in other words, if you've never hosted an outside party.
With all of the"extras" like tents, seat rentals, additional decorations, weather reinforcements, cleanup supplies, games and activities for your children (that you won't have to provide at a play place!) , pool toys, etc.... It's very possible that you are going to wind up spending MUCH more hosting a celebration at your home or an outdoor place than you'd inside.
I am not sure how other indoor spaces handle their equipment, but we just charge guests to get additional beverages and supplies and these on the day of the party if they end up needing themand we also enable parties to bring in their OWN meals, dessert, and decoration should they choose!
Money aside, spending countless hours cleaning before, during, and after the party may also take a toll. Wouldn't it be nice to walk into a sparkling clean space and leave with your guests when the party's over, not having to be concerned about the cleanup, trash removal, tent teardown, etc?
You can just head home and relax with your loved ones (yes, maybe outside!)
In addition to the time spent cleaning prior to and after the party, would not it ALSO be nice to not need to play"host" during the event? Even for clients that bring in their own food and decor, our committed party assistants set everything up, refill and mend food and beverages as needed, clear plates, cut and serve the cake, and then pack up all of the leftovers in the end of the party!
In the end, it's your child's special day and you want to spend those precious hours making memories and seeing along with your guests-- not running about chasing your decorations or refilling the fruit bowl countless times.
So save everyone (and especially your family!) Lots of stress, time, and stress by booking your event with us summer time. We'd be honored to offer you an easy, enjoyable experience which will leave your whole guest list feeling refreshed, thankful, and filled with love after having a relaxing (yet fun-filled!) day together.

How To Find Arcade Game Online

If you believed the Ms Pacman cocktail arcade game was in the World Video Game Hall of Fame, you would be incorrect. It's been on the shortlist for entry -- it was about the shortlist both this season and last year. It hasn't made the cut though.
Actually, no 1980s arcade games joined the Hall of Fame this past year. Nevertheless, the judges did select a timeless 1990s arcade game. This was also to console gamesconsole, a mid-70s text-based adventure game, and a game that has been packed free from the Microsoft Windows operating platform.
Vintage 1980s (and indoor playground equipment home Pre-1980s) Arcade Games around the Shortlist but Which Missed the Cut

The World Video Game Hall of Fame is managed by The Strong's National Museum of Play.
These are some of the great 1980s arcade games which got cut in the final hurdle this season:
• Ms Pac-Man -- a finalist for 2 Decades now so, hopefully, It Is Going to Find the recognition it deserves in future years
• Centipede -- the 1981 award-winning classic from Atari that provided gameplay similar to Space Invaders but with bugs instead of spaceships
• Asteroids -- the most brilliant multidirectional shooter released by Atari in 1979 that was one of the very first arcade games to achieve widespread popularity

The 2019 Inductees

• Mortal Kombat -- this is the only arcade game to get into the World Video Game Hall of Fame at 2019. Through time, various versions and titles of this game have been published on a range of different platforms. The initial four incarnations, but beginning in 1992, were arcade only.
• Microsoft Solitaire -- packaged in the Windows operating system, it's been automatically installed on countless computers around the world. Since 1990, it has helped office workers pretend to be busy and is now played 35 billion times a year.
• Super Mario Kart -- the most fun and still popular racing game which was first released in 1992. It features characters from the Mario Bros video game franchise and continues to be published on multiple consoles and platforms.
• Colossal Cave Adventure -- an obscure (compared to another huge gaming titles mentioned in this article) text-based adventure game released in 1976. To perform it, you write commands and there aren't any graphics. The aim is to find treasures and solve puzzles.
Hopefully, Ms Pac-Man gets her opportunity next year. You don't need to wait till then to perform it however, particularly if you have your own arcade system. Have a look at our range now.

Whispered Indoor Playground Equipment Secrets

indoor playground equipment home playgrounds are very popular destinations for families with kids, however, if not properly washed they can become a danger to public health and safety. A proper cleaning schedule is very vital for keeping your playground safe for kids.
First, let us look at the gaps between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting.
Cleaning: using water and soap to remove chemical, physical, and microbial substances from surfaces.
Sanitizing: utilizing substances or alternative verified methods to reduce the number of germs on blank surfaces to a secure level.
Disinfecting: utilizing chemicals to remove each of the germs listed on the product label, which might consist of bacteria, fungi, or viruses.
Germs may still be present even if playground surfaces appear clean. Properly cleaning afterward sanitizing or disinfecting will reduce harmful germs and children's risk for disease and illness.
Regular cleaning and sanitizing
Indoor park surfaces should be washed and sanitized daily, and place cleaned during the day, even if they do not look dirty. Clean and sanitize surfaces immediately if dirt is current. Clean surfaces thoroughly with soapy water prior to repainting. Indoor Playgrounds International recommends assigning a staff member to continuously spot clean during the construction during business hours. Not only does this guarantee a park that is clean, but it will help reassure parents.

arcade gameBody fluids (urine, blood, vomit, fecal matter) are highly contagious and needs to be cleaned up quickly. The affected area ought to be closed so employees can wash and disinfect. Clean surfaces thoroughly with soap and water before disinfecting.

Below is a list of do's and don'ts regarding cleaning supplies.

Soap & Water: mild antibacterial dishwashing soap and warm water are recommended for cleaning. Use approximately two tablespoons to one gallon water. Never use degreaser on any plastics, domes, or windows.
Soft fabrics: clean, absorbent soft cotton fabrics are better to use for cleaning.
Soft bristle brush: use soft, soft bristle brushes for cleaning ropes and web crawls, and removing debris and dust from plastics. Wash and rinse the surface immediately after having to remove any residue.
Paper towels: never use paper towels on domes or dividers.
Degreaser: never use degreaser on plastics, domes, or windows.
Harsh chemicals: not use harsh chemicals such as chlorine, bleach, or other chemicals that may degrade or dull the plastic.
At Indoor Playgrounds International, we place safety and cleanliness of over all else. Showing parents that you care about the wellbeing and security of the kids ensures they will reunite and spread the word.